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cogs_blueIf you are anything like me (and most of the people I know), then you sometimes complain about time. It will include things like;

“There’s never enough time”, “I’ve got too much to do and not enough time”, “Where has the time gone?!” “The deadline is too tight”.

It really does look to many as if the problem is lack of TIME. Well I’ve got some good news and bad news.

The bad news first. We’ve only got a limited amount of clock time in a day. It’s the same for all of us – 24 hours.

The good news. We’ve all the got the same amount of clock time in a day! But… some people manage to extract a week’s worth of value from a day whilst others get a day’s worth of value out of a week.  How comes?

More good news – TIME isn’t the key variable here. The amount of time is never the problem. Sure we sometime are expected to achieve tasks at work with unrealistic time scales. Yes sometimes we over or under estimate how long something may take but….

The only real problem we ever have with time, is our experience of it. In other words, it’s all about how think about time.               There is no other way to have an experience of time except via our thinking.

Think about it….

Why is it that a week’s holiday can feel like ‘no time’ whilst waiting in a queue or waiting for an important call can feel like an eternity?

Why do my clients shift from feeling rushed and frantic, as if they never have enough time, to suddenly seeing they have more time than they realised?

The reason for this change is because they begin to notice and appreciate the role of their own thinking (and other people’s thinking) in relation to their experience of time.   One of my clients recently told me that she had become far more productive and was taking less work home because instead of worrying about how much she had to do and how little time there was, she just got on with the work. She realised that a huge proportion of her day was spent thinking (worrying/complaining) about how little time there was.

Over the coming days and weeks, I invite you to notice the truth of this in your own life.  In those moments when you notice that your mind has got revved up, stressy, impatient or anxious, you will see a direct correlation with your experience of time.

Realise that your revved up mind is not caused by a lack of time. It’s the other way round. The revved up or stressy feeling of ‘not enough time’ is coming from your thinking in that moment – and nowhere else. Our thinking instantly creates a feeling of stress [or whatever the thought is] and that in turn creates a distorted perception which gets in the way of you doing your best work.

Consider the fact that when your mind is clear and you’re in the flow of life, time may pass by quickly or slowly, BUT you are probably focused, productive and efficient. In contrast, at those times when your head is full of worried or anxious thinking, you may still find time passes by slowly or quickly but I bet you won’t have been as productive or effective – unless you realised where those feelings were really coming from!

So the key lesson here for all of us, is to understand the Inside-Out nature of life – that our thinking is creating all feelings, perceptions, states and is giving us an experience of life, moment to moment. And that includes your experience of time.  

You may even discover that you have more time on you hands than you ‘thought’ you did.

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