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The Sweet Spot

bulb_yellowWhen communication is at it’s most influential, there are two particularly important things at play.
Relevance and Impact. And the interplay between these two aspects is crucial to the effective sharing of your message.
The following is, I hope, a useful illustration of this.

Whatever you communicate needs to be aligned with the listener’s need, understanding or interest.
They will see and experience how it’s relevant to themselves/the situation.
In preparation, ask yourself:
Do I understand where they are at? (in terms of experience, point of view, level of understanding).
Do I know what matters to them?
And how can my communication take these things into account?
Is the relevance obvious?
IMPACT:A comedian can have the best jokes in the world but they have to be told in a way that impacts and resonates with the audience.
When there is impact, there are two key factors at play. The first is your own genuine connection with what you’re communicating.
Are you really feeling it?!
The second is the use of the highest leverage approach to communicate the message.
For example, an engaging story, personal examples, visuals, case studies etc.
In preparation, ask yourself:
What’s the most effective and appropriate way to deliver this message to ensure it lands fully? If you were in their shoes, what would be most impactful?
High relevance,
Low impact
Missed opportunity.
You understand your listener. You know where they are at. You’ve got the right message but it doesn’t land.
High impact
Low relevance
Missed opportunity. It’s a case of style over substance.
It’s like telling a powerful story but leaving the listener wondering “what’s the point? how is this relevant?”
Low impact
Low relevance
It’s back to the drawing board.
High relevance
High impact
Powerfully communicated message that speaks directly to what matters to the listener.
The Sweet Spot.
Where Relevance meets Impact, that’s the Sweet Spot.
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