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The Greatest Show on Earth – Part One

Do you get great ideas and then talk yourself out of pursuing them?

Do you ever want to speak out about something and then stop yourself?

And when you want to achieve something, are you unstoppable or do you get easily de-railed?

Whilst it’s sometimes sensible to proceed with caution, there are many times when people stop themselves unncessarily. We allow ourselves to get de-railed.

Why is this? What’s really going on?

The answer is Fear & Insecurity and it has many flavours including:

-fear of the unknown or uncertainty
-fear of failure
-fear of disapproval / being criticised
-fear of being disliked or not accepted
-fear of losing control

You might recognise some of these. It’s very human to experience fear and insecurity sometimes. But it only becomes a problem if we buy into our fears or insecurities ie. if we think they are real.

So how do you get past fear and insecurity? How can you thrive inspite of it?
The answer is very simple and yet easily overlooked.
At it’s very essence, fear and insecurity is an experience of thought. Your thought.
So the starting point is to recognise your fears and insecurities as thought, rather than as a ‘truth’ about you or the world.

When you start seeing insecurity as just thought rather than reality, you’re on your way back to your natural confidence and freedom of mind.
Then you have to realise that whatever you are thinking in any given moment, will look like reality to you. Your thoughts will often seem real.
Your mind is like a projector – projecting your thoughts outside of you onto the big screen we call life. But we dont realise that it’s our thoughts we are looking at!

In addition, you also feel your thoughts in the form of an emotion. So for example, the more you think about something in a fearful way, the more scary it will feel and the more real it will seem.
So here’s something incredible.
Consider for a moment that all you are ever experiencing is your own thinking. Period.
For example ;
Insecure thought = insecure feeling / experience
Unhappy thought = unhappy feeling / experience
Excited thought = excited feeling / experience

Now again, it’s tricky because quite often, our feelings and responses don’t look like they’re coming from our own thoughts.

It tends to look like our feelings are coming from the situation ie. the person, the traffic, the queue or some other external factor.

You can test this thought/feeling connection now. Try to feel happy while you’re thinking a sad thought. And now try to feel sad while you’re thinking a happy thought.
It just doesn’t work. Whatever thought you are having will be creating your feelings or emotions.
So here’s the thing. Your moment to moment experience (ie. feelings/emotions, response) is only ever coming from your own thoughts and from the way you are perceiving a situation.
So even though it might really seem like it’s your colleague, partner, the weather or economy that is making you feel insecure, upset, happy or annoyed, in actual fact it’s your own thinking that’s causing those feelings and responses.
An example to illustrate this further is when something happens at work on Monday and you feel very annoyed or frustrated. It seems like a big problem. Then the exact same thing happens a week later and it seems like a minor irritation.

How is it that we can have a different experience and different feelings about the exact same circumstances?
The only difference is that you’re thinking differently about it. Thought is always the key variable at play.

Now i’m not saying that it would be acceptable if someone intentionally punched you in the face. But you want to see that your experience of their behaviour is entirely a function of your thinking in that moment. And this means you have way more choice in how you experience things than you realise.

Take a closer look. Begin to see how you are always experiencing your own thinking, moment to moment. It’s the biggest show on earth. It’s called your life.

Over the coming week or two, if you feel stuck or insecure or you notice any feelings of anger or upset, just stop and ask yourself, is this real or is this just my thinking?

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