In an increasingly competitive business environment, demands on performance have never been higher. In many areas of the world now, coaching has become an accepted and core part of learning and development.

Benefits of Coaching

The benefits of coaching include;

  • Cost effective way to develop people & business
  • Retention – keep your star players
  • Excellence – encourage peak performance
  • Fast interventions
  • Integrate new skills and behaviours
  • Sustainable behavioural change
  • Supports training with 1-2-1 support

Our coaching programmes address;

  • Personal impact & presence
  • Confidence building
  • Stress related issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Influential leadership
  • Individual business performance goals
  • Sales & business development capabilities

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Why use coaching?

Businesses are in constant change and people are now required to be more adaptable and flexible than ever before.

A climate of increased competition and flatter organisational structures is putting increased pressure on individuals to keep pace and stay ahead.

Coaching is a powerful way to help people achieve their greatest potential. It’s now a commonly used development strategy within many of the world’s leading businesses.

Companies like Ernst and Young have created a coaching culture, where senior managers are developed to act as in-house coaches. This is a major trend within organisations today.

Many high performers get coaching to increase expertise, expand skills or break new ground. A great coach will often see what may be hidden from your own view. It’s like having your very own ‘blind spot’ mirror!

Coaching is effective as a stand alone development approach and when used in combination with other learning and development strategies.

Individual needs will often surface during a group session and these may best be served through 1-2-1 work. Likewise, coaching can be an excellent pre-cursor to group sessions.
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Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe in honest and transparent dialogue from the outset of any coaching programme.

We will not take on any coaching assignments that are part of a strategy to ‘manage someone out’. We work with individuals and organisations who want to genuinely develop and expand the range of possibilities for others (or themselves).
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The Coaching Contract

Our process: 3 C’s for a successful coaching programme;


Get full understanding of what needs to be achieved so we can determine if;

a) coaching is the right intervention
b) we are the right coaching partner for you


Chemistry meetings allow the ‘coachee’ to choose their coach and visa versa. Even when the coach has been commissioned by someone else, we believe it’s vital for the individual receiving the coaching to be part of that decision.


Where there is another stakeholder involved, we create a three way dialogue between coach, stakeholder and coachee.

We agree a feedback loop and other relevant protocols for all stages of the coaching programme.

We discuss and finalise our Coaching Contract which includes confidentiality issues.

*stakeholder in this context means the person who has commissioned the coaching to take place
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Personal Coaching

We provide 1-2-1 coaching for people who are self funding (as opposed to being funded by your employer).

Coaching will benefit you greatly if you want to;

  • Re-evaluate aspects of your life and get into action
  • Progress in your career and make the right changes
  • Get more of a work/life balance
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Improve stuck or stale relationships (partners, friends, children, colleagues)
  • Deal with unresolved issues
  • Increase vitality, happiness and peace of mind

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Chantal’s depth of experience, coupled with a warm empathy for her clients, makes her an extremely valued partner for anyone looking to excel in whatever world they are living in. Her understanding and application of many disciplines; from presentation to personal philosophy, ensures that whatever challenge you face, you are never left without a reassuring positive voice deep inside you saying “go for it…” If you want to find this voice, then you need Chantal in your life!

James Hart
Senior Leader, Media Agency

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