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Chantal’s Influence Tips No 8: The 6 principles revisited

Here’s a quick round up of the 6 Cialdini principles;

less is more
create a sense of exclusivity / limited access

give (without expecting anything) and ye shall receive

continuing to build your reputation, integrity, credibility & knowledge

-keep your word
-get commitments in writing or heard by others
-understand people’s values and commitments
-align your approach/responses with these

Social Proof/Consensus
what others are doing/thinking
find out which way people are leaning. do they seek what’s familiar or what’s unique? are they more convinced by what others have done (tried & tested) or is that a turn-off?

focus on what you like about other people (rather than trying to get them to like/approve of you)….people want to be liked (whether they admit it or not!)

To your increasing influence.

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