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Chantal’s Influence Tips No 6: Nine out of Ten Cats – Part Five

This week’s Cialdini principle is Social Proof or Consensus. People are heavily influenced by what others are doing/thinking.

This principle plays out in a number of ways such as;

“Everyone seems to be doing ‘it’, so if I’m not, perhaps I’m missing out!”

Agreeing to something because you want to be seen to ‘fit in’ with the group

Or there’s the flip side which is about preserving individuality by;

Avoiding the iphone because the world and their wife has one

Boycotting Valentines Day because “it’s marketing hype”

So consider this;

Are you more inclined to move away from consensus or towards it? (it will shift according to context).

To influence change, it’s crucial to know which way others are leaning.

For example, there are times when showing a client similar work you’ve done with others will engage and inspire them BUT this same approach could also put them off.

People who prefer unique and different, will be excited to know that no-one else is doing ‘it’ so they can be first.

On the other hand, if they like what’s familiar and are more risk adverse, then citing what’s tried and tested is more appropriate.

My favourite one is next week…

To your increasing influence.

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