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M and I – friends or enemies?

We have two invisible friends that travel with us at all times.  One is called Memory and the other is called Imagination.

Memory tends to focus on the past and Imagination is more interested in the future.
They both add alot of value to our lives and like many friends, they like to help us out from time to time.

Memory knocks on the door to remind us about important things.  Imagination takes us on wonderful adventures and creates new possibilities.

Memory can sometimes get a little vague or confused and because Imagination is so clever, it often gives memory a helping hand.
Interestingly, it can be hard to know who’s in charge – Memory or Imagination.  And there are times when they act more like enemies than friends.  For example, Memory will try and overpower Imagination, keeping us locked in the past, stopping us from moving on.
And Imagination will try and freak us out by creating scary scenarios that we believe are real.
The good news is that they are both made of Thought. They just happen to play different roles in the drama called ‘your life’. And because they are made of thought and because we have free will, we can engage with them in any way we want.
If Memory invites you out, you don’t have to go along. If Imagination starts taking you to places you don’t like or enjoy, you can part company and choose a new path.
To your increasing freedom of mind.
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