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Chantal’s Influence Tips 78: Why D.R.C?


Walt Disney was a prolific and talented creator.
Robert Dilts modelled Disney’s strategies and observed that he used three distinct types of thinking. These became known as
The Dreamer, the Realist and the Critic.
We all use these types of thinking. They’re all essential if you want to create something new,
make a change or achieve a specific goal.
The Dreamer is where we explore ideas and possibilities, without limitations.
There’s no judgement at this stage. We explore with the spirit of young children who believe that anything is possible.
Questions you might ask include:
What would I/we/you love to create?
If there were no limitations, what would be an amazing outcome?
What’s the dream scenario?
The Realist is where we turn the dream into reality.
Questions you might ask include:
How will we achieve it? What is required in order to make it happen? What resources are needed? What steps do we need to take?
The Critic is where we challenge the idea and/or the plan.
Questions you might ask include:
Have we missed something? Will this really work? How will it work in reality? What changes do we need to make for this to be effective?
What if —-? 
You can also re-sequence to:
-next steps
The important thing is to allow a full initial exploration before you start to plan or challenge the idea.
It’s interesting to note that people are sometimes more skilled, comfortable or familiar with one of more of these types of thinking.
For example, someone could be great at dreaming and then doesn’t take time to plan out how to make it happen. Or sometimes people critique an idea before it’s been fully explored.
I’ve also noticed a tendency for people to want the ’how to’ before they’ve fully clarified the goal!
As Disney and many other prolific inventors have demonstrated, it helps to take multiple perspectives and increase the likelihood of success rather than innocently limiting it.
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