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Chantal’s Influence Tips 77: Obsessed by results?


Everyone has the capacity to achieve spectacular results in any area of life.
We see countless examples of how people have achieved the seemingly impossible.
Consider Roger Bannister who broke the 4 minute mile or the Wright Brothers with the first
gas powered plane. Human creativity has no limits. We only have to look around today to see
countless examples of brilliance in the form of technology. And so it continues.. 
So what does it take to achieve extraordinary results ?

A useful distinction is Obsession v Passion.

On the surface they seem quite similar.
However, they vary tremendously in feeling and impact. Perhaps the biggest difference between these operating styles is that one is
healthier than the other. Obsession often comes with a high price.
Here’s a way to consider the differences.
Obsession      Passion
Driven by toxic urgency and sense of need  Driven by desire to create for the joy of creating and exploration.
Feelings of anxiety, stress or fear
 A clear mind unclouded by distorted thinking.
Good feelings
Compromising your health or wellbeing to get a result  Operating from a sense of wellbeing and clarity to get a result
Options are reduced and doors are closed  Options are expanded and new doors open
Survival mentality – thinking that things are at stake (ie. your security or reputation)  and you’ve ‘got to’ achieve  All action feels like a choice rather than a ‘must’. You know you’re always OK regardless of the result.
Relationships are neglected and stifled Relationships are enhanced and deepened
 Driven by fear of inadequacy or failure Driven by desire to learn and grow
Often closed to hearing new things – focus is narrow.
We become blinkered
Open listening – focus is broader.
We see and notice more
 A focus on perfection  A focus on learning and discovery
 Your identity is hinged on your achievements – you’re only as good as your results Your identity has no correlation to your achievements. You know that who you are is not your results!
In essence, Obsession constrains and Passion liberates. 
So how do you know if your obsessed or if you’re passionate?  The fastest way to know is to notice how you’re feeling.
Notice what kind of experience are you having?
If you’re in a ‘bad’ feeling, then chances are you’ve been obsessing and your thinking has been distorted.  If you’ve got a good feeling, then you’re thinking is probably clearer and you’re operating from passion.
If you want to know how to switch from obsessed to passionate, simply become aware of the way you’ve been thinking. Obsession tends to be kept alive by insecure thinking. When you realise that you’re always OK regardless of the results, you’ll find yourself able to achieve whatever you want with freedom of mind.
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