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Chantal’s Influence Tips 73: Three steps to solving problems without hassle


Great ideas and solutions come from our natural capacity to think clearly so here are 3 key steps to solve problems with less stress and more ease.
1) It’s a perception, not a fact
First you have to realise that a problem is simply a reflection of how you are thinking. It’s based on the particular perspective that you are taking in a given moment in time. And there are always a variety of perspectives you can take on any problem. If a problem wasnt based on our perceptions, then everyone would have the same problems. But they don’t.
So, what happens when you consider a problem as ‘learning in progress’ or view it as
an ‘opportunity to experiment’. Of course you can also choose to view it as a pain in the —-.
How you choose to think about a problem, will determine your level of creativity and your entire experience of it.
2) Relax (even when it seems really really important – and especially then)

Realise that the solution is always waiting to be discovered. You are naturally creative and resourceful except when you think you’re not!
If you want to find answers and solutions to problems, a relaxed state of mind is essential.
You need to get out of your own way!
3) Get some clarity
To avoid wasting time and energy, just pause and get clear on what the problem actually is.
Pick something you’ve been perceiving as a problem. Some questions you can ask are:-
How exactly is this a problem? 
or  How do I know this is a problem?
-note all the evidence and if appropriate, challenge the evidence.
Then you can ask
How would I know if this wasn’t a problem?
and then ask
If I was [choose someone you think is particularly resourceful or inspiring] how would
I approach this?
or How would [David Jones or Richard Branson] think about this issue? What would they do first?
The answers to these questions will reveal fresh insights and point you in useful direction.
Einstein said “You can’t solve problems at the same level of thinking that created them”.
The answers don’t exist inside of what you already know. Otherwise there wouldn’t
be a problem. You need to allow yourself to hang out in the unknown for a while.
When you loosen your grip on trying to find the answers, they will show up. Just like when you stop trying to find your door keys, there they are. Right in front of your nose.
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