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Chantal’s Influence Tips 69: Six simple strategies to make your ideas stick! Pulling it all together


As promised, here’s a quick summary of the 6 sticky strategies we’ve been exploring; 
1) Simplicity - make your communication and ideas straight forward and easy to grasp. Keep the central theme/s clear and succinct.
Be ruthless about shedding unnecessary fluff.
2) Unexpected – Arouse curiosity and intrigue. Surprise the listener or viewer. Break old patterns. Defy expectations (in a delightful way). Every great movie has these elements.
3) Concrete – Turn abstract ‘woolly’ concepts into tangible ideas that people can grab, imagine and remember.
E.g. high performance v. V8 engine
or how about a strategic idea such as
“Be a strategic leader in the space industry” v “Put a man on the moon”.
One is typically ‘corporate and abstract’ and the other is motivating and tangible. We know what it means and it’s far more motivating.
4) Credible – Your ideas need to be believable, rather than ‘outrageous claims’. Ensure they are backed by evidence or endorsed by a trusted sponsor. Satisfy those logical and more critical thinkers.
5) Emotional – The way in which you share your ideas will touch, move and inspire people.  They’ll engage a strong emotional response e.g. excitement, curiosity, sadness, joy. Humans are wired to feel things.
6) Stories – Share your ideas inside or through stories. As humans, stories are they way we naturally communicate and we always have. Try to go through one day without hearing or telling a story! 
So there you have it. Simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional stories.
When you use these strategies, you’ll always have more ‘SUCCES’ in captivating your listeners to ensure your ideas not only captivate their imagination but they are easily remembered rather than instantly forgotten.
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