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Chantal’s Influence Tips 62: Six Simple Strategies to make your Ideas Stick! Part One


My friend and his wife went out for the evening with some relatives, who picked them up at their house. They left their new bmw parked on the street.

When they came home they were horrified to discover their car had gone. They called the police to report the theft. Fed up and tired, they went to sleep.
The next morning, they woke up and were shocked to see their car back on the street, exactly where they had left it the night before!
A handwritten note was stuck on the windshield saying “Sorry. borrowed your car to take my wife to hospital. Please accept this as an apology”.  Under the note was an envelope with two front row tickets for a sold out show for the next evening. My friend was so relieved to have their car back and decided to go to the show.
Four hours later they got home to find their house had been burgled. On the doorstep was a note saying “Hope you enjoyed the show!”.
Ok so this isn’t a true story. It’s an urban legend and the thing about these types of stories is that they travel round pubs, houses, countries and whole continents being told and re-told.
In their excellent book “Made to Stick”, Chip & Dan Heath explore the question “What is it that makes ideas sticky?” By sticky, they mean engaging and memorable.  And what makes an idea sell?
They identified that Sticky ideas have the following attributes:
1) Simplicity - They are straightforward and easy to grasp. The essence of the idea or message is clear.
2) Unexpected – They arouse curiosity and intrigue. They shock or surprise the audience. Every great movie has these elements.
3) Concrete – Abstract concepts are turned into ideas we can connect with via our senses. They are described in terms of what we can see, hear, feel, taste or smell. They are brought to life. We can relate to them.
4) Credible – The ideas shared are believable, rather than ‘outrageous claims’.
5) Emotional – They touch, move and inspire us. They engage a strong emotional response.
6) Stories – Ideas that are presented inside stories. As human beings, stories are they way we naturally communicate. Try to go through one day without hearing or telling a story!
When you use these strategies, you’re guaranteed to increase your ‘SUCCES’ in  captivating your listeners and making your ideas stick.
In the next post, we’ll explore each of these in more depth including easy ways you can apply these in all your communication.

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