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Chantal’s Influence Tips 54: Why you might want to be an Air-head


Do you realise how busy your mind is?

You have thousands of thoughts a day. None stop. Thought in. Thought out.
Some thoughts you drop. Other thoughts you keep hold of.
You entertain them. You load one thought with another and another.
The overly busy mind is one of our biggest dis-eases.
It’s the culprit of procrastination, frustration, stress and fatigue.
The irony is that people tend to praise the busy mind. But there’s a difference between busy thinking and useful thinking.
Like an engine, the mind needs to be in neutral sometimes.
It needs to rest. The busy thinker is like a car that’s always in gear.
Always revving. That’s not useful and it’s not healthy.
It’s no coincidence that people get their best ideas when their minds are quiet. Have you noticed that when your thinking slows down
you remember where you left the key?!  Or that when your mind is distracted or quiet, you suddenly you get the answer to a problem
that had previously eluded you.
I invite you to be thought-less and notice how beneficial it is.
Your tip of the week ;
Take your thinking cap off! 
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