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Chantal’s Influence Tips 51: Why conflict is the secret success tool

What’s your relationship with conflict?  (I don’t mean the physical version!)
Do you avoid it at all costs? Does it make you feel uncomfortable?
Or do you embrace it or even encourage it?
In our day to day lives, the main cause of conflict isn’t created by the difference of opinions or values but by people’s protection of their opinions or values. 
And difference is the key here because we learn much more from difference than we do from similarity!
So here are three reasons to embrace conflict;
1) When people get upset or conflicted, it means that something’s important to them. When you know what’s important to people, you have the key to change minds and influence new choices and behaviour. 
2) It’s that clash of views and ideas that creates new and exciting paths.
As long as we’re willing to embrace it, conflict can be the ultimate creative process.
3) It teaches you something about yourself. You get to see what really matters to you (and what doesn’t).
So I invite you to notice what happens when you change your relationship with conflict and encourage others to do the same.
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