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Chantal’s Influence Tips 50: How versatile are you?


I remember a conversation with someone about a mountain we’d both climbed.
I described how tough and exhausting it was.
He described how easy and quick it was.
Surely we weren’t talking about the same mountain? (He wasn’t that much fitter than me).
As we explored further, we realised there are different routes you can take.
Some are difficult and some are like an energetic walk. I’d taken the snakepath – a more difficult route. He hadn’t! I climbed at night. He climbed during the day.  Same mountain. Totally different experience.
The ability to ‘see things from a variety of perspectives’  is crucial for stimulating new ideas, avoiding conflict, understanding people ……any situation where you want to be more influential.
Here’s a simple yet powerful process you can use to prepare for any interaction or to review a past situation.
1st Position:  from your own perspective
What do I want? How do I feel about it? What’s important? What am I noticing from here?
2nd Position: now take their perspective, as if you are them 
What do I want? What’s important?
What do you notice from this perspective? (this includes feelings, sounds, gestures)
3rd Position: now take an impartial observer’s view of the situation:
What do you notice from here? 
1st position again:
What new information do you now have? How might you approach things differently as a result?
This process can take 5 minutes to 30 minutes. It’s up to you. It’s even more powerful if you physically move around. When you switch positions, move into the space where they will be (or were) sitting or standing and see through their eyes, hear through their ears.  You’ll be amazed at what you notice.
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