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Chantal’s Influence Tips #29: The Secrets of Rapport – Part Two : Mental Maps


Alfred Korzybski, a Polish philosopher & scientist, coined the phrase ‘the map is not the territory’.   
If we take a map of the world, we know it’s not actually the world, it’s just a map but it helps us navigate when travelling!
We each create unique mental maps or models of the world outside, using thought (via our senses of sight, sound, touch, taste & smell).
Our mental maps guide us through life but it’s useful to remember they are just maps and as such they are incomplete and subjective!
This means there’s always more to learn and always the possibility to see things differently.
To get deep levels of rapport, it’s crucial to acknowledge and understand people’s maps and perspectives. Then you’ll know how to enrich their their maps in useful ways and re-direct them to new ideas or ways of thinking.
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