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Chantal’s Influence Tips # 28: The Secrets and Myths of Rapport – Part One


There are many courses and books that teach the ‘tricks’ and techniques of how to get into rapport with others, to be more influential.
As I pondered this recently, something occured to me.  Rapport occurs naturally between people unless and until, we get in the way!
The 2 big ’connection breakers’ revolve around;
Quality of Listening & attention
How you listen and where you are listening from is perhaps the most important factor. We’re often bringing our own stuff to the conversation which can get in the way. This includes our  opinions, values, judgements etc.
Beliefs & thoughts about ourselves, life, the situation or others, is always impacting how we relate to others. Some thoughts are so ‘under the radar’ that we don’t even realise they exist.
Notice what beliefs or judgements you are bringing to your conversations in the next week.
What have you already decided about ‘x’ person or ‘y’ situation?  How is that impacting things? And what happens when that stuff is no longer in the way?
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