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Chantal’s Influence Tips : The power of your word

How would you feel if you had to travel across an unstable bridge over a deep ravine? You’d probably want to avoid it - unless you’re an adrenaline fiend.

A bridge needs integrity to be safe. (Oxford definition =  complete, sound).  If the structure is flawed, it may collapse.

In the context of influence, integrity can mean;

Doing what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it

Keeping promises & honouring your word.


Ultimately it’s about creating trust in the relationship. And trust is a key component of all successful relationships – whether business or personal.

A trusted mentor once described integrity as;



Doing what you know there is to do and doing it as it was meant to be done.


This isn’t about being perfect or aiming for perfection. It’s just about being honest with ourselves about what is so. That’s not always easy to do but the alternative is living with the proverbial elephant in the room – the issue that no-one wants to raise, or that mess that’s hidden under more mess. Whenever people are lacking integrity, there’s always a cost – to our peace of mind, happiness, creativity, progress etc.
I was once asked to consider the following questions and found it very
powerful (but not always comfortable!). I invite you to consider these too;



1. Where in your life are you not being your word?
(this includes saying yes when you mean no, making agreements you know you can’t keep etc)

2. What’s the impact (on you & others)?div>



3. What conversations are you avoiding (that you know are needed)? and what’s the cost to you / them of not having these conversations?
When integrity becomes a way of life, things become more workable and possibility opens up.

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.” Ralph Waldo Emerson



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