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Chantal’s Influence Tips # 22 : Three Little Pigs & Cameron


Remember the story of the three little pigs?

The first one built his house from straw. He took the easy route. The second little pig built his house from sticks and the third built it from bricks.
And we know what happened to the first two!
So what’s the core message in this story?
Is it about investing time and effort? Or is it about creating strong foundations?
The point is this  – the story has MANY potential meanings. So when you’re communicating your ideas, you need to design around the message.
Ambiguity is great if you want the message to be open to interpretation. But if you want them to get a specific message, clarity and consistency is key.
David Cameron got alot of flak for his first TV debate. His ‘Big Society’ message seemed inconsistent and confused the public.
So the next time you’re planning communication of any kind, ask yourself;
1) What’s the core underlying message(s) I want them to take away?
2) What points need to be made to support that core message?
3) How can I/we highlight the message most effectively? (stories, examples, analogies etc…)

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