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Chantal’s Influence Tips #21 – Seven Deadly Sins: Part Six: Sorry seems to be the hardest word

The final Sin is Pride.
At it’s best Pride is: 
Respect for self & others, Sense of self worth
Striving for excellence,
Acknowledging accomplishments (yours and others)   and
Taking responsibility
At it’s worst, pride destroys countries, alliances, companies, marriages and friendships. And at the very least, it limits possibility.
It shows up as
Having to be right , being arrogant
Refusing to back down (whatever’s at stake)
Refusing to say sorry
Needing help but not asking
We’ve all succumbed to the dark side occasionally!  So before you let your Pride get in the way, ask yourself;
“What do I believe about myself (or the person/situation), that means I [won't say sorry/back down/ask for help...]?”
“What would I have to believe differently to [say sorry/back down/ask for help..]?”
“What does it make available if I let go of that old way of thinking?” 
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