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Chantal’s Influence Tips #20 – Part Five: Making scary faces

The last deadly sin was Envy. This week’s is Wrath.
We all experience frustration, annoyance or anger from time to time.
What’s useful is to recognise what’s at the source of it. One of my mentors said;
“We make scary faces at ourselves in the mirror
and then get scared”. We forget that we’re the ones making the scary faces!
An example of this is people who beat themselves up for not achieving standards or targets that they’ve created.
It’s also hugely valuable to recognise that the more frustrated or angry a person gets, the less reliable their thinking is at that moment.
And here’s the paradox. The more frustrated or upset people get, the more they believe
their (unrealiable) thoughts. 
Best to let your mind quieten down first and only then, make those important decisions or have that important conversation.
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