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Chantal’s Influence Tips #13: Sprint v Marathon

Meet the sprinter and marathon runner. Both are highly motivated. They want to make the finish line – they have a clear goal in sight. That’s where the similarity ends.
The sprinter has a strong sense of urgency.
They’re in a hurry to get the result. They put all their energy into the first few minutes. If they stumble, that could mean the difference between winning and losing.
The marathon runner take things in their stride.  It’s a long distance – they need to pace themselves.  If they stumble, it’s ok in the bigger scheme of things.
Those who approach situations like a sprinter may dive in too early, run out of steam or miss all those vital signs along the way. Those who approach it like a marathon, may lose momentum, fall behind or allow things to cruise for too long.
Neither is right or wrong. Only you can decide what is most appropriate in a given situation.
Do you have a tendency to be more of a sprinter, a marathon runner or something else?
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