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Chantal’s Influence Tip 45: The Irresistible Offer: Part One


What does it take to create irresistible offers?
When we make decisions, part of the process involves comparing and contrasting.
The Earth looks big compared to Pluto but it seems tiny compared to Jupiter. Things are always relative. A fact or a figure on it’s own isn’t always convincing.
For example:
It took Facebook 2 years to reach 50 million people.  
It took Facebook only 2 years to reach 50 million people whilst it took radio 38 years to reach the same number.
When you use contrast, you’re putting your ideas or offers into a compelling context, making it far more persuasive.
Other contrasts include:
Invest £100k now versus potential loss of £225k
If you invest just one hour now you’ll save 7 hours later on. 
To create these contrasts you need to find out:
What is this idea/change/product (really) worth to them / their business?
What are the benefits to [the business/client] if they take action / go ahead?
If they were to put a financial value on this, what would it be?
What are the potential costs of not [taking action/making this change...]?  financially and otherwise
If you want to ensure your offers are too good to miss, use contrasts and context.
In addition, as people begin to explore these questions with you, they become more convinced to take action.
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