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Chantal’s Influence Tip 42: What if there was no past or future (this isn’t hypothetical)


There’s a tribe in Brazil called Piraha that only has the present tense in language. They have NO way of communicating the past or future through words. Imagine that!
This has profound implications because we literally create through language.
“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”  Ludwig Wittgenstein
Here’s my take on it;
It’s so powerful when you invite someone to imagine and then mentally step in to a compelling future.
For example, pick something you’re motivated to achieve or change in the next few months. Now imagine it’s 6 months into the future. See yourself in this new situation, having made the changes. Notice how you’re now feeling, as a result of having made that change.
And it’s just as potent when you invite people to step into a potentially ‘undesired’ future, to see the consequences or impact.
The ‘as if’ experience is almost indistinguishable from ‘reality’ because ‘reality’ is a thought created experience!
And science tells us that the brain doesn’t know the difference between a vividly imagined and ‘true’ event. It uses the same thought system and senses to create both!!
So the process of imagining a given future is
like a gun shot in a horse race….it motivates action!
Another view point;
The Piraha tribe can only think and talk about
things they can see right now.  It’s a world of ‘nows’ for them. They are totally dedicated to the ‘reality’ that they can observe in the present moment.
And the benefits of this?
When you are focused on what is here right now,
you’ll experience a quieter mind that isn’t dwelling on negative past experiences or freaking yourself out by imagining unhelpful future experiences.
You’ll enjoy clarity of thought, that generates insight and creativity (because your head now has more space for insight to occur).
It’s up to you to use your brilliant gift of Thought and language in ways that are most useful and enriching.
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