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Chantal’s Influence Tip 41: The Most Essential Creativity there is


Do you realise just how brilliantly creative you and other people really are?
(If you’ve only got 1 minute, read the summary and come back to this later.)
In his brilliant book ‘Prometheus Rising’ Robert Anton Wilson says “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves”.
You see, inside your mind there is a Thinker and a Prover.  The thinker is hugely creative and can (& does) think any number of things.
The Thinker can think there’s not enough money to go round or it can think there’s unlimited wealth. The thinker can think people are naturally selfish or it can think that people are naturally altruistic. The thinker can think anything it chooses.
The Prover sets out to prove what the thinker thinks. And you know how people love being right!
So for example, if a person thinks they’re a ‘crap presenter’, they’ll find evidence that ‘proves’ it to be true. They’ll sort through their personal history and sure enough, they’ll find evidence. And the next time they have a ‘tricky’ experience presenting, they’ll add it to the pile of ’evidence’, which only serves to strengthen that idea about themselves.  Great success strategy isn’t it?! (not)
You see our beliefs will always set out to prove themselves true, because we don’t like to be wrong!
Summary: Test this for yourself and
1) Pick an idea or belief (about yourself or your life)  which has been limiting you in some way…
Now imagine you’re in the Court of Thought.
2) Write down the ‘evidence’ you have that makes this idea/belief ’true’ (and remember this evidence can also be called into question)
3) Now imagine you’re representing yourself.  Consider all the evidence available that demonstrates how this idea/belief is utterly false…. Go through your history and find all the evidence to the contrary.
You see in reality, we are way more creative than we give ourselves credit for.
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