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Chantal’s Influence Tip 37: Are you a fire starter? – Part Three


Over the years I’ve become aware of the different ways in wnich people relate to problems.
For some, they are puzzles to be solved or challenges to be met. For others, they’re something to be avoided at all costs!
I was coaching someone recently and every time he talked about ‘problems’, his face lit up!  As I reflected this back to him, he got a useful insight. He enjoys problems. In fact he likes them so much, that if there isn’t a problem to solve, he’ll create one!!  Know anyone like that?
I describe this as being
a fire starter V a fire extinguisher
And he likes putting fires out.
If you consider the nature of problems – they are purely perceptions. They are the result of how someone is perceiving and organising their thinking. They then come to a conclusion about something and give the situation a name. They call it a problem! Someone else might call it a puzzle, a challenge, an issue, an opportunity etc…
Here are 2 of my favourite questions you can ask to explore problems;
1) How do you know it’s a problem?
Think of something you’ve been perceiving as a problem and ask yourself this question.
Notice what comes to mind.
When you’re discussing problems with people, it can be extremely useful to explore from this perspective. Because the truth is that you won’t always know how they’ve come to that conclusion – and sometimes they won’t either.
This question reveals valuable insights that you can use to explore, challenge, diagnose etc.
2) What’s important to you about solving this?
Again, test this question on yourself and notice what comes to mind.
This question will elicit all sorts of useful feedback including values. And it tells you what
is motivating people in a particular situation.
Enjoy exploring and experimenting.
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