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In the privacy of the mind

People rarely regret what they’ve done, but they often regret what they haven’t done.
Someone once said to me “Are you going for what you want or just what you think you can get?”
As I thought about this, I realised how important this distinction is.
People often set goals or outcomes based on what they ‘think’ they can get, rather that what they really want! 
So what stops people from going for what they really want?
Perhaps fear of failure/looking stupid/rejection., fear of taking responsibility or maybe wanting to get it right first time.
In the privacy of the mind there are no limits to what’s possible.   People are always capable of way more than they think they are.
“If humans were meant to be limited, they wouldn’t have an imagination”  (Dr. Richard Bandler)
If you knew you couldn’t fail or success was guaranteed, what would you be motivated to do in the context of your work and career?
What conversations would you have?
What requests would you make? (in support of your aspirations) 
What would you start saying yes to?
& what would you say no to?!
What things would you start to put into action, that would serve to enrich your life, career and relationships?
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