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Are you a doubting Thomas? by Chantal Burns

One of the things that gets in our way in terms of performance
at work and enjoyment of life, is self-doubt.

It’s one thing to be realistic or honest about your abilities
but it’s another to under-estimate or limit¬†what you are capable of.

As a rule of thumb, people are far more capable than they give
themselves credit for. The only thing that stops anyone from achieiving their
full potential in life, is the limitation they create through their own
thinking. This shows up as a lack of self belief or feelings of anxiety, fear
and insecurity.

The next time you doubt yourself, stop and ask yourself how
reliable your thinking is.

If that doubting voice is full of insecurity and fear, then you
can safely ignore it and continue anyway. Feeling insecure is not a reason to
hold back or play small. Insecurity is just a feeling created by some unreliable thinking.

On the other hand, if you’ve got some hesitation and it feels
like common sense is tapping you on the shoulder, then it’s worth listening to.

The secret is to recognise the difference. And the difference is in the feeling.

Chantal Burns ScreenshotChantal Burns

Executive Coach, Speaker and Bestselling Author of

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